Malvern Saddle Company Ltd

Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting by Rob JenkinsA saddle is the most important piece of equipment you can buy for your horse giving you the best opportunity for comfort and help develop a great partnership which you will both enjoy.

As a registered Qualified Saddle Fitter and Master Saddler I follow the code of conduct set out by the Society of Master Saddlers taking great care in making sure your saddle fits correctly and is comfortable for both you and your horse.

Your saddle should be checked at least once a year and if you have a horse that goes up and down in condition through the seasons then every six months is recommended.

Saddle Fitting Clinics

If you would like to join us on a clinic look at our events page to see when & where our up & coming saddle fitting clinics are going to be held.

We do ask for the fitting charge of £35 per horse to be paid when booking.

Please Note: Do not contact the Yard direct but telephone us on 01684 572485 to book your time & day & discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Saddle Fitting Clinic

If you are interested in running a saddle fitting day at your own yard we would be happy to discuss this further. A minimum of 4 confirmed fittings are required to cover costs.

There is an answer machine on when we are away from the workshop, if you could leave a message stating your name & telephone number, slowly & clearly. We will endeavour to return your call within 48 hours.

The Day of the Appointment

Please ensure that you are wearing the correct clothing including your riding hat & that you have your horses usual bridle & numnah or saddle pad. I can provide a girth & stirrups for the purpose of saddle fitting.

The fitting will include assessing and making templates of your horses back and a weight tape measurement along with other details relating to you and your horse.

I require the horse to be ridden in walk, trot and if necessary canter to establish the correct fit of the saddle in relation to movement and rider balance.  For jumping saddles it helps if you have a jump set up to get a proper feel for the saddle and to see if your horse performs well over the jump.

I am happy for your riding instructor to attend the fitting if you feel they can add any extra information or advice.


With young or underweight horses I recommend fitting with Prolite as this can prolong the fit of a saddle and allow your horse the best chance of filling out and muscling up correctly. Follow up appointments may be required after a few weeks to make any flocking or fitting adjustments.

Bald patches at the back of the saddle are common between January and April mainly due to the loosening of the winter coat, on some horses this is perfectly normal but if you are concerned or you have patches in the summer then please make an appointment sooner rather than later.

Your numnah or saddle pad should be washed frequently and sheepskin pads brushed to remove any build up of loose hair. Some saddle issues can be a result of poor cleanliness in this regard.

I am happy to communicate and work with your vet/physio/farrier or any other professionals involved with your horse if there is a particular problem you are trying to eliminate or remedy.

Individual Saddle Fitting

We cover a 40 mile radius of Malvern for astride saddle fitting, our call out charge is £55 for an individual appointment or £35 per horse for two or more at the same address.

In the event of a saddle purchase the call out charge is included in the price of the saddle.

Side Saddle Fitting

Side saddle fitting  appointments are covered on a national level. Please contact us to discuss costs and availability.